About Us

Our Goal

  • Is to invest in property and to ensure that our agents are fully compliant with property valuations, sales, buying and development of properties.
  • Over the next coming years Skylight Properties will invest in excess of millions of rands in training all it’s agents not only to ensure that they are fully compliant with the requirements of the New curriculum for education and training but also in order to meet the growing demand of an increasingly demanding and sophisticated market place.

Our Efficient Service to Buyers and Sellers of Properties

  • We follow the code of practice of estate agents Board Affairs
  • Assist sellers in marketing their property by advertising them
  • Our in house marketing and advertising department, together with your realtor, will ensure that your property will enjoy not only maximum, but the correct exposure too. You can rely on us to advertise your assets in the best manner possible and to constantly give you updated progress reports.
  • A photograph and details containing the properties will be advertised on our internet page. The photographs will be updated regularly as the seasons change to give a fresh and updated photo.
  • We offer price assessment or valuation.
  • Assist buyers with all the administrative and legal services pertaining to the conveyancing of properties.
  • Our bond originators are fighters and the Attorney we deal with give us the services we need to ensure the sales progresses smoothly.
  • We continuously train our realtors: weekly training sessions incorporate the basics of real estate. This ensures that Skylight realtors are always in their fields. You benefit by having not only the personal services of our realtors, but the support of the whole of Skylight Property Company at your disposal.

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